Real Estate CPA in Washington State, Skagit County

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I live in Anacortes, WA. Looking for a tax professional that specializes in Real Estate that can help guide us through the structuring process and beyond. My husband and I are partnering with a couple to flip a property. We have done one flip with a partner before and created and LLC and filed as an S-Corp. The CPA that we worked with was really no help at all. I got most of my info and guidance from BP. If anyone has a referrals I greatly appreciate it.

@Grace P. We are in Skagit and use Legg & Watne for our taxes, but I don't believe he is a real estate specialists, but does just fine in our small real estate business and is a great accountant. I'm following along on this thread to see what others recommend, but have though of going out of the county to get more specialized real estate advice.

We are open remote consultants we just want to get solid advice on structuring and someone to prepare our returns. Looks like Natalie doesn't have any openings until August we have an offer out on a property so we need to move quickly on our structure. I think forming an LLC is the way to go but I would like to confirm before moving forward.