Live in Flip

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Can anyone whose lived in a live in flip share their experiences, funding, etc... My husband and I are house hacking at the moment. We are a family of 4 but our kids will not be living with us until next year. We will be buying another investment property but want to do so without the great expense of the “American Dream” mortgage. A 2 bedroom house back with 2 adults and 2 kids is just not logical for us. We live in a shoebox. Thanks in advance!

When I say live in flip I really mean fixer upper...and when we move from Virginia we will hold and rent it out so the numbers have to work.

I've done a live in flip. The sweat equity and discomforts has helped me in my real estate career. It's a delayed gratification move - solid wealth building.

Be sure to reward yourselves in a small way so you celebrate your progress. That makes it more fun.

Best to you.