Finding motivated sellers.

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Hello group I'm getting started on this new endeavor and need some advice on the best way to find motivated seller lots of ppl say to market myself and yes I'm going to do that... But their has to be another way to find lists of seller. Please if anyone have any advice on how to generate leads it would greatly appreciated.

There are so many articles and videos not just on this site but many others giving you all the answers you need. You market the same way you would if you were to run any other business. Internet, mail, newspaper, print, signs, business cards, door knocking, etc etc etc.......

I'd suggest that you work with a list broker to get some list alternatives for your area. Depending on your market, I'd suggest Absentee Owners with Equity, Seniors with Long-Time Ownership and Homeowners with Low Financial Stability Scores.

These are good seller leads who haven't yet put their homes on the market.