Part Time Job to Gain REI Experience HELP

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Hello BP,

I caught the REI bug about a year ago and have been researching since. I am looking to start making deals, however my current financial situation has other plans. I currently have a salary job and am looking for a part time job on the side for two reasons: 1.) to inch my savings towards my first investment property and 2.) to gain hands on experience in some aspect of real estate investing.

So my question to you, BP, is if you have any suggestions for a part time job that would help me gain experience in the REI world. Possibly helping out a current investor? Working along side a realtor? Help with remodeling of properties? Let me know what you think!

Alex Hogenson


Curious if you ever came to a positive solution on this topic. I stumbled upon your post asking the same question - what type of work can I participate in on the side of my current full-time role to gain valuable experience in REI (and potentially put a few extra investment dollars in my pocket). I'm thinking a real estate license is the obvious answer, but I don't know that it's necessarily the only option, particularly if I'm looking to build skills in renovation, property management, or more importantly deal and investment strategy.

Let me know how things went for you after you took some time to explore this topic. Thanks!