Hi all .. Hope your well ... A little advice Needed in speeding up the process of the houses . To do a buy - to - let here in the u.k it requires a 20% deposit which is a lot and requires around £3k of fees in total per property.

To give you an idea of numbers I’m buying the property at about

10-15k BMV and with a little work inside I know there is 20k of equity in the house . With a few properties under my belt I know there is x amount of equity in each of them that I don’t know how to use 

I looked into the brrr strategy but for renting is it that simple ? As in the u.k they won't give you a buy to let Mortage if the property need even just a little bit of work so it would be super hard to get a Mortage set up.

Surely there is a faster way of doing this ? I have 6 properties so far so maybe I could use he equity in them to get some sort of loan perhaps ? What’s everyone’s thoughts on speeding up the process .