Making offers yourself

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On BP's podcast, forums, and various books I hear/read that experienced investors are making offers themselves without a real estate agent. However, I haven't found any good resources that explain how to make offers on your own. Has anyone come across any good articles or books on how to do this? Any insight would be much appreciated!

I have represented my self as a buyer on a few deals... This last one I had a buyers agent handle the transaction from my side and I have to say that it was a great decision. It doesn't cost anything to have a buyers agent and having another professional involved in the deal that only has your best interest in mind is super helpful. In my case I will always use one moving forward unless it is a very special situation.

@Matt P. Hey Matt I didn't see your response until today. That makes sense then I'll probably stick with that. Thanks for your advice!

I always negotiate my own deals and write the offer myself. I don't buy off of the MLS anyways and so don't see the point in having an agent. An agent is just another person who wants a piece of the pie. If I was buying off the MLS I could see the reasoning, the seller is paying already so no extra cost. But not the case when you're buying off market deals.

@Ian Kee Thanks for your reply Ian. What method has been most successful for you in finding off-market deals?

No problem. I go on the county courthouse online system and look for probate, eviction and foreclosure cases and then directly contact the owners. I also attend a local real estate group and get a lot of word of mouth leads.