First post, to introduce myself

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Hello! My name is Tammy Lee and I am starting my own  property investment business. I am nervous, excited and thrilled all at the same time! 

My experience is limited to our own homes. In our 25 years of homeownership we have worked to make our mortgage payments (struggling, many times!). With my hubby out of work again (ugh!) and 2 children still left at home, I need to develop a business that provides us a predictable, ongoing income. And with VERY limited resources, I will have to be creative!

I'm working on my business plan, focusing on "little to no money down" rental units. I have been diligent to spend lots of time on Bigger Pockets reading through blogs and attending a couple of webinars (and taking LOTS of notes!)

I am (very) selectively talking to close friends about my plan (stressing how much I still need to learn before that first deal). So far, 2 friends and 2 of my grown children have been quite encouraging. My daughter has offered to set up a lunch meet with a friend of hers who is also a property investor....let the networking begin! lol

Today I have been working on coming up with a name for my business. After hours of perusing the internet, and online thesauruses, I think I have it.....IMAGE Properties.  (It's an an acronym for the names of my 6 children, and it plays into creating an "image" for my investments and myself) What do you think? (suggestions welcome!)

Thank you for the welcome! 

And Trexie thanks for the links! The keyword alerts are great for getting right to info I am looking for. The BiggerPockets website is so full of all sorts of information, I often get distracted and off the topic that I was intending to search-lol!