Georgia and Florida Real Estate Investing

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Hi all, I am a 3 year rental owner of a SFH here in Georgia in an A class neighborhood. I believe that I have had little to no problem at all when I first started in this back in 2014 till now. The problem is I really didn’t have much cash flow. I didn’t really have an idea how business works, my mind set was more of the appreciation and equity. So now its been a month since i have started reading here and listening to all the podcast regarding real estate investing. And I have learned a lot! But the real deal is how can I start! There are a lot of $100-120,000 properties here that would have an average rent of $1000-$1,100 but the ROI is just not good, its usually just 5-6%. I looked at the appreciation of the houses and most in the Warner Robins area stay flat. I am trying to venture other places in Georgia, or even Florida to seek an opportunity to invest! I am just sure where to find the right property, or if I am just missing the right people to make this happen. I would appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

Warner Robins has interstate access so you could branch out a bit. I’d guess housing allowances from the base are paying a lot of the rents there. Being you’re in the South, I might look into picking up trailers on land in the 30-50k range. A lot of people prefer to rent where they can have room to stretch their legs rather than right in town, and the rents are close. For example, in East Gainesville a mid century SFR will generally run 80k with rents per month at .8-1% of that. Meanwhile, a trailer house on an acre in Keystone Heights, Hawthorne, or Interlachen can be had for 30-50k and still get $700-900 a month in rent.

There’s lots of things you can do. Good luck!