Multi family homes in Olympia, WA (JBLM are a)

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I am AD military moving to the JBLM area in July/August. I am looking to potentially buy a MF dwelling using my VA benefit. I am struggling to find any properties and seeking assistance/guidance. One caveat my child was accepted into a special program at a school in Olympia and I am trying to keep the property in the district. Any information or navigation is greatly appreciated.

Hi @AJ Yearby and let me say, in advance, welcome to Oly! I have a couple tips that I hope you find helpful. First, I have a fantastic realtor friend, who is investor-friendly (he invests in real estate himself) that can find you what you need. Connect with me through BP or email me and I will get you his contact info.

For the school issue, I've been told before by the Olympia School District that they do allow a limited number of student transfers from neighboring school districts, but they admit that there are always more transfer applicants than they can approve. If you can get one of those transfers because of your kid's program, that will open up what area you can buy in. But to be safe, zip codes 98501, 98506, 98502 are going to be your best bets to stay in the Olympia school district (always double-check of course). 

Let me know if you have more questions, I'm happy to help.

@AJ Yearby

Welcome to BP! 

You'll want to reach out to @James Marszalek He runs a real estate meetup in the area, is an investor, and is an awesome agent. 

His entire company is veteran owned and operated and he has had specific classes at his meetings exactly about using your VA loan to its biggest potential.

Definitely the guy to connect with to do what you're looking for!