New to the Hagerstown Maryland Market

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Hello everyone, my name is Garrett and I am fairly new to the Hagerstown Md market. I just started my journey into REI last year. I have a duplex and another under contract. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the Hagerstown market, have any GOOD Contractors, CPAs, Property managers and Real Estate Agents? I have some in mind but wanted to see if anyone else has had any luck. Thanks in advance. =D

It seems like it’s a lot of opportunity in Hagerstown. I see a lot of opportunities to enter into a duplex, or quadplexes. In the area, just not sure about the job market and growth. In that area. Good luck

@Garrett PItts I have a few units up there and use Ridgecrest property management.  So far I have been very very happy with them.

@Dominic Courtney spot on observation.  Economy is ok right now but I would not want to be caught holding property up there during a 2008 type pull back unless you are in it for the long haul.  The government up there also makes it hard on landlords.  A weak economy making it hard for people to do business is the wrong recipe in my opinion.  It would appear there may be a slight shift happening up there but Hagerstown is still more or less a blemish to MD city list's.  

Really depends on what your trying to do.  If rentals, I would come a little further into Frederick where there is much more economic stability, better tenants and a promising growth.  Montgomery county, though high entry price, will always rent out as well but the cash flow will not likely be as high.  For flips both the area's I mentioned will work.  I am seeing a ton of activitiy in PG, AA, Howard, Balt, and southern MD as well.  Due to your location I would check out AA, Howard and Balt on the MD side.