questions to ask a lawyer, before wholesaling.

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Hello! Nate here with a simple question. First, let me lay out my journey so far. I am a new investor who started off with a guru's basic course on real estate investing with a focus on wholesaling. I have limited capital, so I have been reading books focused on doing deals with little and no money down. I feel I have a strong grasp of how to fund deals, now I need to find them. before I go gungho in my search for great deals I feel the need to meet with a local lawyer. I know I need to establish a legal contract to use when gaining a deal to wholesale. My question is this: What questions should I be asking my lawyer to ensure I get a solid contract and/or other necessary legal documents? P.S. - I live in Colorado and will be focusing my efforts in southern Colorado Springs and North and West Pueblo areas. Any advice is welcome!

Hi @Nathaniel Smith you should definitely find a lawyer who focuses on real estate and is familiar with wholesaling. You should ask them if they have done wholesale deals before and represented different buyers, sellers and wholesalers. Ask if they have done straight assignments or double closings and if they have a preference. Utilizing these few questions would give you a good idea of their experience. Good luck!

I know you asked about questions for a lawyer, and definitely, find one experienced with wholesaling. Check with your local Meetups or REIAs (Real Estate Investor Associations) for referrals for a good attorney. On another note, here is (are?) my two cents worth...I would focus heavily on building your buyer's list. Find out where people want properties and the type and price range they want. Then try to find deals meeting those guidelines. Work it backward, vs. finding properties and then trying to find a buyer.