Wholesale Newbie that would love some feedback

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Hello BP community i am very interested in the wholesale process. Im from South Carolina.  I have been doing tons of research about wholesale and im ready to take action. I recently talked to an attorney and she was saying all sorts of negative things as far as its not easy ( I already know that much) but basically telling me about the deeds and the whole paperwork process and trying to close deals.  She was basically telling me to educate myself which i am doing but it was kind of discouraging because she made me feel like I didn’t know much about the process ( i am new to this ). Can you guys just enlighten me about what I should watch out for because i feel I understand the process pretty good. Any feedback is appreciated.

Hey man.

You got this alllllllll wrong.

See.. when someone tells me OMG it is hard, and so much effort and this and that... I get  all giddy like so:

OMG its freaky how much I look like her.

See... the harder it is the less competition there is.  I already know I work harder, am more obsessed, have no life, and don't waste time with showers.. pffft and such...

I simply step it up and I rise above the rest.

Dude, id ONE person ever in history of monkey land got to be successful wholesaling  it means simply this... it is possible! And if it is possible.. boyoboyo... I will be  way better then them!

So suck it up butterbutt!! When they see discouragement.. I see opportunity!

So this is what you do.

STOP listening to naysayers. Definitely fish out the good parts of what the lawyer told you though.. all the legalities should be taken seriously.. but other then that, tell her, thanks  but stick to the facts and keep your opinion to yourself Smeagol! (yeah call her that)!

Then  you educate yourself. Folow and worship this dude here on BP called MSOOTKAUG. He is OMG amazing. Smart, sexy handsome.. has a bit of an ego issue, but seriously when you see him work you see its super well deserved.

Get a website, learn SEO, learn Direct mail marketing, and send your mailers out. Go all in or go home!