Philadelphia Investment Opportunities

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Hi Joseph, thank for your reply. So I am also just starting out on this journey so want to start small. I know very little about Philly from a RE investing perspective. How would you suggest I start? and what should I be looking for? My understanding is the Philly is one of the hottest rental markets so was wondering should I be looking for a one bedroom condo, two...downtown or on one of the train lines a little outside Philly?

Vinod, you are correct, Philly is a hot market. But before I recommend neighborhoods, I would have to know your all in budget. And are you looking at a turnkey or something that needs work. Obviously Philly is a very big city with very different neighborhoods. Most of your condos are in the downtown area and most of them are move in ready. Regarding single family and multi units, you can grab a total rehab or you can grab one already rehabbed and ready to rent.
I would also add 19106 (Olde City), 19107 (NW center city), 19104 (West Philly, U of Penn and Drexel campus), 19122 and 19122 (Temple U campus), 19130 (Fairmont n Spring Garden).

Thank You! I am going to check those out on MLS is the only source of properties for me so far. I am just starting and don't have any other sources to find deals. The realtors aren't helpful in finding deals.