Neighborhood Ratings - Classifications

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Hello BP! Newbie Investor here trying to do all of my research before my first deal. I keep hearing about neighborhood ratings on the podcasts and posts: A, B, C, & D. I've used to look up Crime Info for a neighborhood, but have not seen where to truly find this neighborhood rating.

Is there a go to website for this neighborhood rating or is it just kind of subjectively created?



Subjective and everyone has their own definition. For me:

A = Best places downtown and best suburban neighborhoods with the best schools.

B = Still places people want to live. Good schools, nice houses, just not quite as nice or expensive as A properties.

C = More working class areas. More renters in these neighborhoods. Likely not the best schools.

D = Lots of boarded up houses, drugs, crime. When walking down the street you stick out like a sore thumb and the first person that sees you walks up to you trying to hustle you for money, borrow your phone, etc.