About to get my feet wet!

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Hello fellow biggerpocketnites! My name is Daunte White and I current reside in Winston Salem, NC. I’ve reached a point in my life where I no longer want to work for anyone but myself. I’ve been playing with buying my first Home and useing the equity to help fund my first cash flow property. What are your thoughts?

Hello Daunte although I am new to real estate investing myself. I have read a lot of books, watched podcast and have learned a lot. I personally think if you want to start on investing. You should try purchasing a duplex or quadplex. I’m sure their are plenty of properties that would match that criteria. In your respective area.

I would also evaluate your budget, to save and try to generate more income. In regards to any side jobs to help. Your endeavors into real estate. Once you have your first property in play. Then you can work on the next. I wish you luck.

That’s funny Courtney because that is my goal! I want to own duplexes and quadplexes but I don’t have the start 20% downpayment for that. That’s why I was thinking of using the equity in my first rental property.