Scott Yancey Seminar

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The general consensus is that these type of expensive training programs are a huge waste of money and you’ll soon regret it. You can do a search here on BP and find other posts on the topic with other unsatisfied customers. If I were you I’d pass on it. 

If you want to spend 40k on training, I have a course for you.  Talk to 10 agents in your area, then pick 1 or 2 that you feel good about.  Find a 100k house that needs cosmetic rehab.  Put 25k down on it, and spend the other 15k sparkling it up.  Put it up for sale (or rent) and see what happens.  Even if you break even doing this, you will have learned more usable skills than you would at the seminar and still have that 37k in your pocket to try again.

Being in the biz, I was so curious about these, so I went to a free Montelango seminar or whatever his name is..  Of course he wasn't there, and some high octane sales people give some useless info and then go into a hardcore sales pitch to attend their next gathering which was $1400 which will be the sales pitch for their real fleecing at the next step up..  Stay away!  

They tell you to find cash investors, and use their money to lowball the poor and desperate into selling their house cash.. Then you can either fix it and flip it, or wholesale it to someone else..  Horrible..

Thanks for your response. A lot of helpful information is pouring in. I have been reading the reviews online as well which I should have done first and foremost but didn't. But majority of them are all negative. Even from the BBB. So I am wondering why the schemes that the Seminars pull aren't be scrutinized more in the media? No penalties for scamming people out of their money. It's very sad.

Its not really a scam, but more an ethical/moral issue..  They hype the real estate dream to a bunch of suckers and make a fortune when someone bites..  Its a legitimate way to make $, but so dirty..  They teach people to prey on people that don't know the value of their home or are desperate, and offer them pennies on the dollar..  There, you've been saved $40k lol

Wow $37,000 ?... that’s nuts . That could be a down payment on a $185k property with 20% down .

Of all the BP podcasts or success stories on here I don’t think any have said that they went to an expensive seminar and that was the reason for their success .