Investor + real esate agent

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Hi guys, 

Now that I found my real estate online school. I need your opinion. Should real estate investors get a real estate license? Is it worth it? I talked to one of the broker here in Texas and he told me that some brokers doesn't allow their real estate agents to purchase their own house or investment properties. 

Most Brokers don’t have this restriction on agents buying investment properties

Investors don’t need RE license unless u plan to do multiple transactions/year. RE agents also have over head costs with their brokerage

If u do plan to practice as RE agent and help others buy/sell properties it might be worth getting a license. Otherwise work with an experienced local agent

Hi @Romela Jover

This question does come up quite often . If you do a search in the forum you will see quite a few threads which should be helpful for you .

Some brokers might not want to deal with investor agents but there are plenty brokers out there . If you just want to do your own deals you might want to look at a 100% commission broker.

The main thing is that you need to disclose you are an agent when you are doing your own deals ... but I haven’t heard anyone say they lost a deal because of this .
Best of luck