East side of Columbia, SC

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Hi all,

I am new to real estate investing and am preparing to make my first purchase. As an example, I started analyzing a possible deal that makes sense numbers wise, but I am not living or from the area (planning to nearby within 3 months). Would somebody be able to give me a little background around the east/northeast side of Columbia, SC? I have looked up some things online and have not found favorable crime statistics in the area but I could not drill down my search to the northeast area of Columbia, SC. I was not planning on starting this early, but if I find a good deal, it would be hard to pass up.

If anybody has any personal experience with the area, I would love to hear your opinion on the area. Thanks!

@Dylan Prince I'm from the south east side of Columbia and now live in the North East side.  I'd be happy to help when you start narrowing your search.  There are favorable parts of each region.  Pay attention to the economic drivers if you are looking rentals.  

Happy to help

Hey Dylan! I am new to investing too. I do live in Sumter, but I am in Columbia often. Like Andrew said, all of Columbia has its ups and downs. I would suggest taking a trip to go look at it before purchasing. There are nice properties in bad neighborhoods and there are bad properties in good neighborhoods. Definitely do your research before buying and do not buy what you do not understand.

I'm from out of town, and currently in escrow purchasing a 4-plex in Columbia, SC. Will like to connect with other RE professionals in SC for mutual support, and possible investments strategies, thanks.