Need some location idea for Farmington Hills & Southfield, MI

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I am planing to buy starter single family home at Farmington Hills & Southfield (Detroit), MI. Can you please give me an idea about the area and price range for the single family home? 

Both Farmington and Southfield are good areas. I would direct you on specifics depending what are your major concerns; access to schools, work, equity etc.. 200K is a good average. Many opportunities.

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Thanks Maria. My son is planing to buy his first house. His budget is around 150,000 with 3 BR, 2 bath and garage. I see many house with 1 bath. 2 bath is must since he is thinking to have roommate. With his budget, what kind of house he can get? 

That is possible. Most standard homes are a 3/1, maybe 3/1.5. But a 3/2 is a possibility. I will message you and you can send me your email. 

 Both of these are great areas .  These are two cities that will be good to raise a family .   Let me know if you are still in need of services to help you locate your Home