In need of Purchase and Sale Agreement

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Hello Bigger Pockets Community, I'm looking for a simple 1 to 2 page wholesale purchase agreement that is specific to Connecticut that contains the assignment clause and other pertinent information. I checked the archives, but not able to find exactly what I needed. I'm trying to get my 1st property under contract, so I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me or point me in the right direction. Thanks for all your help in advance. George 😀

Thanks for replying so soon @Michael Noto ! Indeed I did check some out. I basically downloaded them to my iPhone but I cannot edit them and send them via email. I would have to edit them and then send it to the seller. Is there an app that does that? I’m kinda trying all of this for the first time and don’t want to mess up along the way. Thanks again!

@George Wells

Here's the link for CT MLS forms. Use either the standard form contract or purchase agreement.

There is no wholesale purchase agreement form. Get the property under contract using a standard form and language such as "[buyer or entity name] and/or assigns" or note in the additional terms "Buyer has the right to close in the entity of their choice." Then use an assignment of contract form with your new buyer.

Thanks so much!!! Really appreciate the info and link! Haven’t done my first anything in real estate yet , really want to do my first wholesale deal so I can gain knowledge and be consistent/confident going forward. You helped tons!

Great thread, I'm in the same position now but I"m in Florida. I am having so much trouble locating an editable purchase and sales agreement. 

@Stephen R.

The PSA you linked to seemed so basic, with no mention of surveys, closing costs, etc. Would you complete a more detailed contract at a later date, after securing the property with this form? 

You can also get a basic RE sales agreement form from Staples. Yes, it's hardcopy, but you can easily re-type it into a Word document.

Have you heard of Flipman on Youtube?  Just search 'Flipman Contract' and he has multiple videos giving away the contract he has been using for years. He uses a purchase & sale agreement for both the seller and the buyer. He says it works for his students all over the country. Its simple and clean. He also has videos going over exactly how to fill it out!