Wholesale from home with Dean Graziosi

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Hello BiggerPockets family, I am new to real estate and I started my journey by purchasing a wholesale real estate program from *************. I still have few days left to get 30-day money back guarantee and I am not sure what to do. Anyone know if  Mr. ********'s wholesale real estate course is any good? 

Should I try to wholesale from home with his education or should I go work for a wholesale firm such as New Western Acquisition or a company that is similar? 

@Sean Perera Hello. I was actually taking the same course. But I requested a refund because I found the suggestions, education, and connections I make on BP are more valuable than some Guru course. I asked for the refund and I got my money back that day! (But that depends on your bank). I think you should learn as much as you can from the BP community and find a mentor as well. Don't waste your money!

Hi @Tricia Watts and Everyone.

The majority of people on BP will tell you to offer something to the investor for them to mentor you.  I will tell you that in my opinion the experienced investor you want to get mentored by....to be blunt more then likely doesn't need your assistance.  There are two primary ways to work with an experienced person and really get something out of it.  Firstly, put some money into one of their deals so you have skin in the game.  You would get a return on your money and learn along the way.  The second way to get involved, you and the mentor write out an agreement as to the hands on types of items you want to learn about and the fee you will pay to learn alongside them.  Most experienced investors get asked to mentor people every week, mainly because it's been repeated on BP a plethora of times for newer investors to try and get started.  I don't blame people for trying...but the individuals you want to learn from will more then likely want a financial benefit for their time and effort.  If they are mentoring correctly....there will be plenty of time and effort on their part.


Hi @Tricia Watts

I absolutely agree with @Gary Harris . The best way to to try to find someone to JV for is by offering either time or money. Be creative. Think of things that you're great at and advertise yourself to someone whose doing what you want to be doing. Build a relationship with these people and they will become valuable to your growing business. PM if you have any further questions - I am new to REI as well but I'd gladly pass on any information or recommendations that I can. Good luck!

I have found some of these books useful his videos ramble on a little bit too much but I've realized on his real estate *************. Com website nobody is posting stuff on there for years so that website is basically for his students who have paid for courses and if you go on there and look at all the forms and stuff it's pretty vacant for the last 5 years or so but the website still functions