Webinars recordings online

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Hey everyone! 

I'm new to the bigger pockets community forum and just want to say what an amazing space! I've been a reader for a couple of weeks now after having found the Bigger Pockets YouTube channel a while back and from listening to the bigger pockets podcast and I have to say that I'm extremely impressed and proud that such a great real estate investing community exists! Anyone who is also new to real estate investing that hasn't checked out either of those platforms yet I highly recommend it! There's tons of great learning opportunities on the YouTube channel and iTunes Podcasts that are really enlightening and entertaining. 

I have a quick question starting out, I'm currently traveling until the 27th and so it's been a bit challenging to tune into any webinars that I've been interested in. The next webinar that I signed up to attend is on the 19th however my local time will be 3:00am when it starts. Does anyone know if it's possible to find a recording of the webinars? 

Thanks in advance!