Online calculator for rental properties?

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Has anyone used the Rental Property Calculator on It gives a detailed chart including Cash on Cash Return and IRR. Just curious if some of you find this tool helpful and accurate? Thanks!

@Josh Lyons no but there are some great calculators on BP under the tools section.

Check out the rental property calculator if you haven't already. 

@Josh Lyons I used it and it worked fine. I will be going Pro on BP soon. Going Pro gives you unlimited use of the calculators here. I used it on my first deal and it was pretty accurate on my cashflow. I took the print out to the bank and showed them that I was professional and knew that it was a good deal. I hope this helps.

Which calculator would you use for a 40 unit apartment? I've been looking at the rental but i'm wondering if the BRRR is more appropriate if I plan on refinancing between years three and five. Mahlo for your opinions!