Probate list and leads - where to find the list?

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I am new to finding deals, I invest in Queens and Brooklyn New York, Where is the best place to get probate leads? How can I learn more about understanding probate process?

Typically people go to the county court house for the list. Some places you can write the list down while using the courts computers  other places you can only ask about specific address or people and they will provide the info 

It isn't for sale it is public records. So for instance you can go down to the office for the probate court and ask if they allow computer access to search for probate cases, If they don't they will look up specific cases for you.

I would start by calling and getting information from the probate court in your area on access to the public records 

The People who sell these list are just going to the court house themselves doing the work then selling it to save people time

@tarik Turner Thanks, Tarik. Is physical presence at the courthouse the only way or do they typically offer an online search. In my county (DuPage,IL) it appears they do not offer an online search.