Finding deals left and right..... But!

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I'm a investor by way of wholesaling in the Memphis, TN market. I've been coming across deals but I've been losing them because I can't find cash buyers in time. How do I find cash buyers for the deals I'm coming across? Help please I'm tired of losing all these deals. 

Are you sure they are deals? Typically if you have a good deal, it's easy to find an end cash buyer. But if you literally do not have a buyer's list to contact when you have deals, you need to start attending local REIA meetings and telling everyone there that you have deals and are building your buyer's list.

I agree with @Nicole A. ! Good deals sell themselves. If you have a good deal and you post it here in the marketplace or on Craig's list the phone will ring. Finding cash buyers is easy, start with reaching out to the acquisitions guy at every turn key operation in Memphis, (there are a lot) try posting your deals on Facebook and linkedin. All free ways to market your properties for sale.