Estimating rehab cost

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Hello all

I am making great progress to purchase my first rental property (multi unit) and i am using BRRR strategy. In order for this to make it happen, I need to work on my rehab estimation skill. I am not a handy guy at all and dont know anything about rehabbing or house project.

Is there fast and efficient any way for me to educate myself? 

There’s no quick shortcut. You’re going to have to either learn by doing or partner with someone that knows what they’re doing. But BP did publish a book that could serve as a good primer to improve your knowledge and get you off to a good start: The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs

i suggest @J Scott 's book on estimating repairs.  It is  BP book and you can get it under the Store tab above. Otherwise go to as many other investors projects you can and ask them how much things cost.