New member looking to get into RE investing

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So I am 27 living in south florida. Ive been reading about and watching videos trying to learn this side of things. I have some funds saved because I was thinking of purchasing my first home and came accross some videos on youtube about getting the best deals on houses.

After continuing to watch many videos and read material I think this is something Inwould like to take my first steps into. Im looking for any assistance that you all can offer me and would be very thankful for any help I receive. 

Ill be browsing around all the free knowledge on here as well

Welcome Brandon! BiggerPockets is a great site to get started learning about real estate investing. I would read a few real estate books (you can find recommended books by searching them on here). You can also listen to the BiggerPockets podcast which has a lot of great information as well. Good luck with starting your real estate journey!

Welcome to BP! @Brandon Rich

I second what Benjamin said. Books and BP podcast and forums can provide a lot of information about RE. Some of my favorite books are The Book on Rental Property Investing and the ABCs of Real Estate Investing.

@Brandon Rich

So glad that you have found BP. It has been so instrumental in our investing journey, and in my growth as a real estate agent. I second (and third) what Benjamin and Ryan said. Also, be sure to plug into your local BP community through meet-ups and investment groups.