Newbie in LA. Which area to start? Where to find data to analyze?

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Hi there! I'm a newbie. Trying to find some data to work with online, but can't really find anything reliable. Wondering how to you find data to analyze, how do you find a new market? I just recently moved to Los Angeles and it's hard to find something that's not too high. Shall I look outside of LA? How do I find good real estate agents? I'm also thinking of becoming myself RE Agent. I love looking for a good deal and enjoy searching. Is it worth it when you're just starting or better to have a RE Agent for your first deals?

Loads of questions! Hope to get some answers. Thank you! 

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Originally posted by @Anita Cekovska :

Looking to flip! @Daniel Caraway

I'm not too familiar with the area, even though I actually live in Santa Clarita currently. Been here for about 1.5 years. Quite expensive to invest out this way but I've always thought that Palmdale would be an interesting place to look. It's quite far from Downtown LA (probably 2 hours with traffic at least) but it's still part of LA County. The Aerospace industry has a large presence there (and there's also a prison in Lancaster). People seem to "escape LA" and move to Palmdale where they can actually afford a house since everywhere else around LA is ridiculous. If we were planning to stay in this area, that's where I would look to invest. Especially for flipping, I bet you can find a diamond in the rough out there. 

Definitely look into local Real Estate Investing clubs in your area and you'll learn a ton. And continue to network on Bigger Pockets!