New to Real Estate Investing (Charlotte NC)

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Hello All. 

Looking to network with people in the Charlotte NC area and surrounding areas. 

Looking for a real estate agent who is familiar with working with investors in the area. As well as a broker, real estate attorney, and cash buyers. Also looking to connect with other wholesalers. If you would be interested in connecting feel free to contact me directly. 

I am new to real estate investing. My goal is to close my first wholesale deal in the next 3 to 4 months.

@Alberta Eleazer

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Wishing you the best!

Originally posted by @Kirk Hanson :

Welcome to Charlotte NC.  I believe I can help with all of your requests.  I am an investment real estate broker with ten agents working for me at CK Select Real Estate.  We have cash buyers and would love to help you with your journey into real estate investments in this area.

Wow!! That's Amazing. You really dont know until you ask. Thanks for your response and warm welcome! I will definitely be in contact with you!

Originally posted by @Robert Johnson :

Check out Wholesaling Houses Elite Facebook page.

Check out Max Maxwell on YouTube. He is in North Carolina. He has some great real world insight!!

I actually have seen a few of his podcasts on YouTube. Thanks for the advice.

Originally posted by @Account Closed :

@Alberta Eleazer Welcome to Charlotte and BP! Take a look at our Charlotte forum and look out for BP Events in Charlotte. We had one last month and plan to have more in the future. @Chris T.

 Thank you! Great information. Okay I definitely will.