How to invest in foreclosures sale

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I am very new to the business. I am looking at investing in foreclosures auction at the Broward Court House but have no clue on how to start. 

Can any one tell me how to get funding foe those type of investments?

Yes, you need cash and a very good site to get all the details on the upcoming auctions, and lots of title reports too!

Thank you Wayne and David!

So if I understand is very difficult to get the cash. 

By the way David PBC Home Auctions is one of the site that I have being following for months. I saw so many opportunities there but just don't have the cash.

Any ideas on any cash partners?

Auctions are difficult and risky!!  I am looking for partners for live auctions in San Jose, CA. I have the experience and need help with research and funds. My trustee's sale purchase was very successful and I kept it as a rental. I plan to flip the next ones while the market is still good out here.  Please let me know if you want to work the San Jose steps.