Anyone investing in Reading P.A.?

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Hello i am new to biggerpockets, I am looking to buy my first rental property. I am from New Jersey but have been looking into PA more as an option because it is much more affordable to start out in. Reading is under 2hours away from home now and i've been to reading before near Albright and it seems decently stable compared to other big cities in NJ. I'd like to hear some input/advice from someone who knows the area.

What neighborhoods are the most desirable? How is the area slightly north of the double tree? What is an average 2bed 1bath appartment rent for? Are multi-units with a storefront a good idea or convert the store to another unit? As far as the city goes, does anyone know about licensing for contracting, plumbing etc.? Which codes they follow ucc, icc? Can anyone suggest a real estate agent who knows the area very well? How much property tax can i expect to pay living out of state on a property assessed for 80-125k i heard that PA gets most of their taxes from income? thank you for taking the time to read!