Looking to help out anyway I can

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Good afternoon BP,

I have been on a tear as far as consuming real estate investing information (BP podcast, books, forums etc.) while I pay off debts and get my credit & finances in position to make my first deal. But I would like to get out there and work with someone who is actually doing it. I work a full-time job, but I would love to spend my weekends helping someone out with their properties. I've checked Craigslist, and the jobs section on BP for my area(North Phoenix, AZ) and found nothing. I really just want to lend a hand in anyway I can and pick their brain, hear their past experiences and advice. Any idea where to find people to see if I even have anything to offer them? As always, thank you for your responses, I love this place. Truly changing my life, daily.

Have a safe weekend!

@Joseph Lucas Jr You’re doing exactly the right things in the right order. The stage of cleaning up debt and raising credit can feel long and boring, but it’s necessary. It’s very smart to learn during that stage so I commend you for that. You will find the right people to learn from on bigger pockets, so just stay active. I would recommend going to AZREIA meetings.