Finding Tax Delinquent or Code Violation Lists in Newark , NJ

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Hello Everyone , I just wanted to know is there a way I can obtain a tax delinquent property and code violation  property list online ? I’m a new investors trying to find my first deal in wholesaling and would love any help. 

Yes,  go to the town website and look for something called an OPRA Request.  There will be instructions on the form as to what to fill and where to send it.  They will have 7 days to research and get back to you.  

You'll need to be very specific as to what you want.  "All residential properties that are deliquent on their taxes as of 7/1/2018" or "All residential properties that have registered code violations as of 7/1/2018".  

If the people are nice, they'll explain what they have and don't have.