Where’s the investor or real estate groups in Washington, DC .

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I’m trying to get started with my real estate investing and I wanna know more people in the DMV / Washington, D.C. area . I’ve already took a 60hr course on Real Estate Principles so I kinda already know the terms and a little bit of the laws . Just need more guidance and hands on people showing me how to get it done

There is the DC REIA that is led by Sherman Ragland who is on Bigger pockets, do a search for their site (DCREIA); and there is a meetup group that meets monthly at the National Harbor led by Andre Johnson, look on meetup. com and search for "Deals Meetup" (the name of their group)

@Delonte Wall welcome to BP. There are a ton of members here from the greater DC area. As mentioned there are a number of investing groups too. You can find many of these groups by searching REIA or Meetup.

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