Help, Do i join this real estate investment group?

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Hi Bp, so i found this ad " Join my flip team, we'll teach you" something along those lines. I filled out there questionnaire and had a pre screen with them this morning. From what i can gather they are trying to branch out to other areas and get newbs like me to help find them deals, they have all the resources to help and close on pretty much any deal. They help walk you through deals and split profits. It is intriguing to me because i need the help get kick started.... Although they do charge 3k a year

Has anyone joined a group like this? If so is it worth it?  I'm trying to find out if anyone has any experience in this because they want me to to drive out to meet them (2hr drive) and i dont want to wast my time. 

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated! 

Can't hurt. If you find one Nugget of gold.... Surely that's worth three Gs 

I heard pure Gold idea on a BP podcast.  Might make me over $500,000 if I live long enough. 

And I' didn't spend a dime upgrading my B P acct.