Wholesale Newbie In Las Vegas Seeking Advice

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you should do it. Abundant amounts of money to be made for wholesalers here who can find great deals.

I know complete morons around here who are making money wholesaling. Very lucrative.

@Paul Burghardt if you're getting into wholesaling to make some quick deals, good luck.  It's 100x harder than I thought it would be.  It's not easy.  Based on what I've heard from people actually landing deals, those guys @Alexander Felice mentions above, is that they have a pretty high marketing budget, understand rehab costs, and have a team in place ready to help out (rehabber, buyers, etc.).

Best of luck.

Wholesaling in Vegas is amazing/ Wholesaling in Vegas sucks.

Not too sure what to make out of this thread. 

I guess the only real answer is to try it out for yourself to find out the truth.

Expanded answers by @Alexander Felice as well as @Spencer Cornelia

would be interesting...

For instance, what is working well for people that Alexander knows, and what issues/difficulties Spencer is running into.