Hello BP. I haven't been around in a while. But I have been a member for a couple years. So just a quick background on me. I currently beginning my 3rd year as an Apprentice in the Electrical Union. I.B.E.W (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) local #5 Pittsburgh. This was one of my goals because I wanted to do both electrical and real estate investing and figured I could save tons of money by doing my own work. I purchased a "fixer upper" which was a great deal. But, due to personal financial situations I haven't had time to do much work on the home. I upgraded the electrical service my self and 95% gutted the house. I need to get this house finished but I don't have funding. its been sitting for about 2 years. our taxes are pretty low so it isn't like its a deal breaker. yet I know the urgency to get it finish an place a tenant in there. Upon my research, I noticed the pros to having an LLC for protection. but also for funding. I seen another deal that already has tenants in it. its a duplex. I want to form an LLC and purchase that duplex in the LLC so that I can get better funding since it wont be using my own credit and as I build the business credit I can use that for potential future funding. Any suggestions? plus I want to deed the first property over to the business. by the way I haven't formed the business yet. I know the name, i just needed some suggestions before I pull the trigger.