Looking to start a real estate investment portfolio?

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My financial planning team and I focus our business on anywhere from new to seasoned real estate investors on managing their cashflows, giving them a financially organized snapshot of their assets and liabilities, and helping them allocate their funds to achieve their goals. Along with this we provide advice on the types of loans you can qualify for and the best markets to invest in. We do a complimentary financial review to see where our clients are at and how they can get where they need to be. My question to you is how can I better serve this community? What are some of the biggest obstacles stopping you from doing your first deal or even you 10th deal? 

@Jordan Gilberti This is one of the toughest areas of this industry to accurately capture...especially flippers taxed as ordinary income...and at the end of the year, how many investors really do a deep dive on their properties and confirm actual ROI...not many...this is tedious (and sometimes disappointing work).

While flipping houses is not a viable or sustainable industry, it works for generating vacation cash...the most successful flippers aren't flipping houses any more, they are lending or teaching other people how to flip houses...but why? What's the truth about tax implications of one investing strategy over another.

And what strategies are actually viable and contribute to wealth that people can actually realize. Too many people enter this industry without a plan...they get caught up in buzz terms like BRRRR (which is not a viable long-term strategy either, by the way)...

I'd personally be interested in your approach to helping investors realize how their investments are actually performing...and direction about strategies you have seen work to generate wealth.