The day to day struggle

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Hello everyone,

I'm just starting out as a wholesaler and I'm still looking for my first deal. I'm trying to remain patient, but I feel like I've gotten stagnant and I'm not progressing. I've done direct mail, craigslist posts, and a little driving for dollars. However, I feel like a sitting duck as the days go by. I want to ask, what are some things you guys have done on a daily basis to feel like you're actually making progress towards your first deal?

Good Morning

set the goals the day before. here are some simple ones

1- hand out 10 business cards

2- call all of the "A" contacts in you cell phone looking for referrals. Next day call the "b"s

3- Go visit an open house daily

4- cold call for an hour

5- mix up your routine by going to different store/restaurants/ gas stations.. introduce yourself as an investor

6- go to a chamber ribbon cuttings as often as possible

7- Post on facebook and tag your friends so their friends see it

8- drive to a neighborhood and distribute door hanger 50 a day. collect abandoned or poorly kept up houses

9- mail a simple note to those collected addresses

10- call back everyone you have spoken to in the past. divide the number by 22

This is probably the most difficult profession. It is not meant for 99.8% people. 

Give your self a time frame if you do not make a sale you start working for someone to get a real paid job.