Just moved to Cedar Rapids, IA. Any recommended meet ups?

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Hello everyone. I am a recent engineering graduate who moved to Cedar Rapids, IA. I am looking to get started in real estate investing soon. I was hoping to get some recommendations for local meet-ups so I can start networking with local investors 

There are no real real estate investor groups that meet regularly that I am aware of.  This is not a big deal though, you will still be able to meet people and make connections.  When you start shopping for properties your realtor will most likely know people who own rentals, also, when you look at properties in person you can meet other property owners or brokers.  One of my best contacts so far was the owner of the rental house next to mine, we now talk regularly and exchange property listings.  lastly, Cedar Rapids requires new landlords to register with the city and take a training class that will put you in the same room as many fellow landlords.  After that It's just up to you to make some friends! Good Luck!