First Purchase Today!

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Made our first purchase yesterday - a 4 plex in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska!  Have been studying all of the webinars, books, all the BP posts I can find. We decided it was time to stop filling our heads and start building a portfolio. You all have been super helpful and encouraging. Thanks!

Wow, haven't heard of anyone investing in Alaska. That would be a fascinating podcast. I bet that's a very unique market. Congratulations!

Living in Fairbanks is very unique indeed Nicole. Finding the right deal has been tough - read well over 50 listings and analyzed a good number of them using the BP calculators. 

My son and one of the partners in our venture is a RE agent - so being knowledgeable about the properties is super helpful. 

Our 4-plex came on the market and for some reason was blacked out for showings. It listed for $299,900. Good bit of price differential from the 48. 

We ran the numbers and based on what we have to invest in it, it should produce $900 in cash flow a month and approx 16.5% cash ROI.

We are going to hold it and learn about managing a property for the next year and do it again. 

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement!