PM in Killeen/Temple TX

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Hi can anyone recommend a property management company in Killeen/Temple area. 

Looking for someone who can help me decide on which houses would be good choices, how much they could rent for, and to fill them. 


Rentometer is what I use to determine rents. There are a lot of calculations that I would do before asking a PM to give me recomendations. Are you looking in a class C location? I was in Killeen about 35 years ago in the Army and I was in a class C location.


I am with StarPointe Realty as a Realtor. They also have property management that I think is good and manages both my rental properties in the area (one fourplex, one SFH).

I've had favorable impressions of the property management teams at Gold Medal and Blessed Properties in the area for two others to interview.

I personally use Isbell property Managment. They are knowledgeable about the area and will help with setting up contractors with rehab of the property.

I used Armadillo properties for over seven years (first year I rented from them and I'm very happy with their services! 

Thank you for this thread! This gives me a few more great property managers to reach out to in this area.