New investor looking for guidance.... should I wait?

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I am new to the real estate game. We are learning so much from the community and want to jump into getting a rental but....... We are schedule to move to Korea for one year then come back to the states late 2019/early 2020. 1) current plan is to hold off until we know which state we will be moving back to ( probably San Antonio, TX ). We plan to continue educating ourself while overseas and practice analyzing deals from a distance. 2) there is also all this talk about the market (stock/real estate) correcting late 2019/2020. Should we wait till we get back state side around this time frame to get started?

Get a website now. Learn SEO and apply it.

This you can do now. It will take you probably a year or so (if you are good) to get that ranked high.

There is a lot you can do right now to set up the infrastructure of your business. Would be stupid to wait!

Do it now I say!