Bankrupt Company With Real Estate Property

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There are a lot ( 5 ) properties in an area very sought after that have been boarded up by the city. The company that owns them has long since gone out of business in 2009 but the buildings still sit there in the name of the company. How would I go about turning these into deals ? 

Maybe talk to your city tax assessor's office to see the billing address on the properties. If there are overdue taxes, sometimes there are steps they can take to claim the property.
You can also go to your state's business registration website and potentially find out the names and addresses of the former business owners.

Good luck!

Thank you @Amanda G. I went to the tax office and found there mailing address they did not even tell me about the overdue taxes or about claiming the property sometimes if feels like they are withholding information like that.

That second idea though I will give a try and let you know if it works thank you so much for the advice!!