REI Meet Up - Charlotte, NC

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Does anyone know of any REI Meet Ups in or around Charlotte, NC? I’m new to the area and looking to network a little and learn as much as possible about Real Estate wholesaling! Thank you!

@Brandon Maxwell -  Welcome to Charlotte!

We are having our next local Charlotte meetup of BP members next week (Tues.).  You can find out the details by searching in the Events section or by clicking HERE to go directly to the post.  

@Bradon Maxwell

Please don't take this the wrong way. I love to play texas holdem cash games only high stakes. Yet I can find two to 3 games a day here locally. Same with the meeting in Charlotte you can pick so many to go to. Hit with PM I send you the ones I think personally hold the most value without sales pitches behind them. One is on Friday morning, the other two run by guys who have been involved in this market for years. Oh, any time @Don Harris mentions a group. Attend those meeting.