Putting together a smart sheet system for Flipping

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I’m a mortgage lender and have created a crazy spreadsheet system that bear runs my whole business Been flipping for about 7 months and just purchased my 11th flip so far- I seem to be getting a bit of a rythum now and want to start the process of creating a spreadsheet system that wIll be broken Into 2 systems: 1. property specIfIc spreadsheet-that aIds In assessing the property, tImelIne management, project contacts, checklIsts for settIng up a property in the system, before, durIng, and after marketIng, sale process (stagIng, photography, neIghborhood maIler, lIstIng process, etc 2. Lead tracker (takIng a lead On a home and trackIng all sales actIvIty untIl purchased) series of calculators, checklists, data gathering, 3 phase flipping process, tax and business checklist Looking to steal, borrow, barter, and collaborate on such a system- I’ll pay to have it made and once done will give it to All who helped me build it Who has any of the items above? Such as an pre-inspection sheet, checklist, or calculator, or maybe a list, or process driven checklist (ie: utilities) My goal is to track things so well I can delegate the minutia and focus on cross sellIng and generating and locatIng new homes! What cool stuff do you have or what systems have you already used that you would recommend?

Hi Shane,

Congrats on your success so far!  It sounds like you are really hitting the ground running with 11 flips in 7 months!

For 5+ years I have been crafting my own House Flipping Spreadsheets that have similar functionality to what you are looking for...

I have a deal analysis spreadsheet that has a Deal Analyzer & Repair Estimator Tool in my file place if you want to check it out.