How to make an offer if you find a deal but you don't have the $?

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I will try to ask this question as one of the problems in Brandon Turner's book:

Fernando is a newbie real estate investor that hangs out on He's the type of guy who likes to learn a lot and takes action and is currently looking for his first real estate deal. He recently moved to Tulum, Mexico and while walking around town one day "scouting" for properties, he spotted an empty lot that he thinks has a lot of potential. His goal is to eventually build 8 small studio apartments and rent them out long term; however, he doesn't have the cash available to fund this deal at the moment. 

1. Can he make an offer on the lot before he finds the money, and if so how?

2. What is the best way to fund this type of deal?

@Fernando Duque Well most lending guidelines are for the US so I. Not sure how much of that will apply to Mexico. The best and usually most common solution to this is to find a money partner