New with lots of realtor questions!

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I don't have the capital to get started now but have been learning all I can so when I'm ready, I'm 110% ready.

I'd love to start walking through these properties I'm watching online. Is it a waste of the realtors time to do so though?  I'm thinking if I walk through enough houses I'll be able to spot a good deal when I am ready, I'll know a good agent when I find one etc etc.

Thoughts on this thinking? Love any type of advice as it's all learning in my book!

Hello and welcome to this site Braden!  That is a good question but do not expect them to work for nothing.  They might be OK at first, some of them, as long as you take care of them later.  Do not expect them for nothing but if they can depend on you later they might work for you and/or get paid later, some of them will work under those circumstances.

Good luck to you!