Who gives the most solid real estate advice?

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I’m pretty new to real estate investing and I wanted to ask about people who any of you thought were solid mentors within the business I also wanted to ask how any of you feel about this real estate investor known as mark whitten

Nothing is very new in real estate the laws were laid down years ago and pretty much the same.. 

couple concepts.. buy low sell high.

rent for more than your all in costs.

get a license and broker real estate for a career.

get a mortgage license and help others get funding 

get an apprasiers license and get paid to evaluate properties and write reports.

Work as a property manager and get paid to manage.

ETc ETc 

For courses you may wish to take.. simply go to e bay and buy most every guru's courses for 25 to 50 bucks each go through the tapes and books you will find most of the information highly redundant because nothing is new there is only so many ways to skin the RE cat..