How to Start a Local Event

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Hi Bigger Pockets Members,

I am new to investing. I have been doing a lot of reading on the Bigger Pockets forums. However, I have realize that there is really no close events in my area to connect face to face. I did find a small REIA on the Meetup's app but it was very small when I went. I was thinking about starting a local group in my area, but I have no idea on where to begin and if it is a good idea for someone with my minimal experience to do so. I was wondering if some Bigger Pockets members that would mind sharing a few ideas on how to start a BP group?

Things that have come to my mind are:

Finding locations - how to pay and willing companies with space or charititys with space to make it affordable

How to advertise for interested members

Do I need a license to run a group of this sort

When to consider charging members

What to do during these meeting

These are the things that have crossed my mind. If there are things that I am missing Please let me know. Any help will be VERY much appreciated.



We have a group in our local town. I am the group president. I have set up a meetup group to track members, contact, announce the monthly meetings.
We meet at a church family center dining hall $40.00/ meeting.
I try to arrange a special speaker each month to talk for a while on local issues, government, code enforcement, realtors, legal, accounting, etc. Then I talk some about "how to". I bring coffee and cookies. And answer questions. I tell people and show pictures about the ups and downs of REI.
I charge $25.00/ year to those who want to pay for the cost of our meetings. I also give away a door prize at each meeting, maybe a restaurant gift certificate. Once a year I cater a dinner for the group.
I don't know if I ever really accomplish much but it is nice to get together with like minded individuals and discuss what we are involved in and hopefully to help someone get started. I like to lead the group mainly because I am super devoted to REI and love to share all my secretss( there are none) and how I do REi.
The newspaper does also let us put a free announcement about our meetings..

Simple as that.